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Minecraft Workshops – Teachers

Minecraft CampThis is a very different approach to teacher training: Teachers and students in the same room at the same time.  Ideally Minecraft workshops will get you playing and give you insight (and some tools) to drive a Minecraft program in your classroom and school.  What you cant get from a traditional PD is the excitement, the energy, and all of the other benefits that Minecraft offers as an educational tool.  By working with students you will initially work with the children/teens to experience the game as a player

  • experience the incredible results from a great Minecraft lesson first hand
  • flip the PD by getting hands on experience in running a lesson.

I have already written about the benefits of Minecraft as an educational tool at the Think Fizz blog here.  It is well worth reading, as Mick Huiet from the Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China wrote:

Tim, I just presented my ideas to use Minecraft for our last units in SS, Rd, and Wr.  I think I could do science and math as well, but I don’t want to freak my team or the admin.  Your information will save me hours of prep in both planning and training my team.  Thank you.

Tim Wicks is the facilitator and is an experienced MinecraftEdu trainer.  He has worked closely with Stephen Elford (Eduelfie) from Victoria and is endorsed as a trainer by MinecraftEdu developer, Santori Koivisto.  Tim developed and facilitated the first Minecraft Camps to be held in Australia.

Minecraft Workshops are being held in the following cities with dates and locations to be announced.


Please contact Tim and book your place now.

Tim Wicks

Founder/Trainer at Think Fizz
Tim Wicks is an Education Consultant based in Darwin, Australia’s gateway to South East Asia.He is a Google Certified Teacher and a GAFE Trainer.

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